After this November’s election, Democrats around the country breathed a collective sigh of relief. Joe Biden won in the “Blue Wall” states as well as in previously red states like Arizona and Georgia. In the subsequent weeks, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) were highlighted in major national publications as an underrated and often discounted electorate that has an incredible potential to decide elections. AAPI groups, including the AAPI Victory Fund, have been saying this for years, but for now, the country is coming to terms with the magnitude of this still emerging voting bloc.

As evidence of this, from…

By: Shekar Narasimhan, Chair and Founder, AAPI Victory Fund

AAPIs today are not only the fastest growing demographic, but now, we are also the fastest growing political force. The 2018 election cycle featured more AAPIs running for Congress than ever before. Our voting power turned the tide in many red-to-blue districts, including in Orange County where were able to flip the previously “unwinnable” red county to blue. A remarkable 77% of AAPIs voted for Democrats in 2018, even higher than in the 2016 Presidential cycle.

Since our founding in 2016 as the first ever AAPI focused Super PAC, we invested…

Are you listening to us yet? We are the margin of victory and demand to be acknowledged.

By: Shekar Narasimhan & Varun Nikore

Dear Progressive Leaders:

Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are the fastest-growing, most ethnically diverse and wealthiest enclave in the United States, yet we continue to be ignored by the American political system. Over the past decade, AAPIs donate, on a per capita basis, as much as white Americans but have received little to no return on our political investment. …

AAPI Victory Fund

Mobilizing 22 million Asian American and Pacific Islander voters to participate in the most civic act: voting. A kinder, gentler SuperPAC.

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